The perfect
recipe for everything

Dubrava Ceska is a product of boiling down tung oil and carnauba wax. Ideal for a steam room in a sauna. Also used as a universal product for the interior. It is tinted with universal pigment pastes. Excellent for decorative finishing or tinting wood, as well as water and wear protection in wet and dry rooms.


Walls, floors,
shelves, furniture
and accessories

Use Dubrava Česká on all wooden surfaces in your sauna for the best result. Even with occasional care, your steam room will always be like new.

The coating has all the properties required for a steam sauna - guaranteed safety of components, including when heated, resistance to large temperature drops combined with high humidity, high water repellency, deep penetration into wood cells and a long service life without wear. Unlike inexpensive oils (linseed and others), it is practically odorless when dried and used.


Any wood surfaces
in the interior

Dubrava Ceska is a universal product for any wood in the interior. Treat walls, floors, doors or furniture in your sauna's relaxation rooms.

The wood takes on a noble look. Walls are tinted in any shade, floors and furniture are protected from wear and tear. The premium composition eliminates yellowing or peeling of the coating, which makes the interior coating practically maintenance-free.

The coating does not emit any artificial substances and contributes to the natural ambience of the wood-finished interior.


Easy tinting with
conventional pigment pastes

With Dubrava Česká, wood tinting has become easier and faster. Dubrava Ceska is compatible with almost all universal tinting systems. You can also use ready-made universal pigment pastes.

Thanks to this, you get the opportunity to use any shade you like and any tinting system, regardless of the manufacturer of the pigment pastes. Therefore, you will definitely find the right tone.


Main characteristics

10-25 m2/L
2-3 h/h5>
>25 yrs*


*Occasionally, as necessary, the coating should be freshened with a cloth with the composition, without removing the old layers. With periodic refreshing, the service life is not limited.

Steam rooms and washing rooms

Rest rooms

Walls, shelves and floors

Furniture and accessories