A special position
among wood oils

Dubrava Česká solves all the most important tasks of protecting and finishing wood in a sauna: powerful water repellency (lotus effect), wear resistance, noble appearance, no odor and no fumes in the air even when heated.


When water absolutely
does not wet the wood

Natural oils react differently to liquid water. The more oxygen the oil coating contains, the better it is wetted with water, the less water-resistant it is and the worse it protects the tree from water. Oxygen enters the oil from the air during its drying - oxidative polymerization. Therefore, films of linseed and other oils do not repel water well.

Tung oil is the only natural oil that dries through a non-oxidative polymerization mechanism, i.e. without oxygen. For this reason, the composition of the coating of tung oil is almost identical to liquid oil - it does not absorb oxygen from the air and does not contain it. As a result, the coating acquires the most pronounced water-repellent properties.

Therefore, it is tung oil that provides the most powerful protection against water.

Carnauba wax significantly increases water repellency, giving not just water-repellent, but super-hydrophobic properties - the lotus effect, when water is simply not able to stay on the surface.


Most heat resistant
of oils and waxes

Beeswax is not suitable for steam bath treatment due to its low melting point. In a heated sauna, it melts and is a source of pollution. Therefore, the beeswax coating quickly breaks down and no longer protects the wood.

Carnauba wax has a melting point 40-45 C higher than beeswax and therefore does not melt in a heated steam room.

In combination with tung oil, carnauba wax forms an almost infusible, heat-resistant coating, the properties of which do not change when heated and cooled.


Double protection
against decay
without antiseptics

The woody fungus develops only in moist wood. Superhydrophobic properties of the surface exclude the penetration of moisture into the wood, making it impossible for the development of fungus.

An additional effective effect is provided by the bactericidal finely ground minerals included in the Dubrava Ceska recipe.

Both factors prevent the appearance and development of fungus in the wood in the steam room without the use of artificial chemicals.

Super hydrophobic


Wear resistance,
the highest among
natural coatings

Tung oil and carnauba wax form the hardest and most durable coating of all natural products. Shore D hardness of carnauba wax 82 units.

The coating of boiled tung oil and carnauba wax has an even higher hardness - more than 100 units. Shore D. According to ISO 7784, the wear resistance of the coating is classified as very high.


Zero emission
of volatile chemicals

Zero chemical emissions (VOC-free) Dubrava Česká is the highest level of environmental friendliness, ensuring that no coating components are released into the ambient air.

Such a coating does not harm even children, even at high temperatures in the room, regardless of the duration of stay in it.