Green technology creates
the perfect sauna product

Dubrava Česká is one ideal product for any wood in the sauna. Our rule is no "chemistry" in the sauna. No cheap volatile oils - linseed, safflower, sunflower, soy. No soft waxes.
Only tung oil and carnauba wax.

Deep boiling of tung oil with carnauba wax creates a single structure in which such remarkable properties of the components as deep soaking, resistance to wear, the highest water repellency and heat resistance are mutually reinforced.

Bactericidal minerals, crushed to a few nanometers, together with liquid components, penetrate even the smallest cells of a tree. Perfect ecological biosecurity without the use of fungicides.


Steam rooms and washing rooms

Rest rooms

Walls, shelves and floors

Furniture and accessories

The best sauna
oils and waxes

Tung oil and carnauba wax are the most expensive natural ingredients for paints. Their combination does not leave any chance for any other natural or synthetic flooring in the sauna.

Full safety
"Lotus" effect
Max wear resistance

Without smell
Doesn't turn yellow
Doesn't grow moldy